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In April, security researchers with Microsoft found a memory allocation vulnerability in the QNX software that they dubbed “BadAlloc.” Microsoft issued a public warning , followed by confirmation from CISA along with a number of other companies impacted by the security vulnerability. In spite of all of this, BlackBerry did not want to acknowledge the flaw or issue a patch for it. Politico cites insider sources in reporting that BlackBerry denied that the security vulnerability could be exploited in their products when confronted by CISA, declared that it was not capable of identifying all of the affected customers, and refused to make a public announcement. The security vulnerability is particularly worrisome due to the environments in which it tends to be found. By and large, QNX is used in heavy equipment control systems that could be used to wreak havoc via physical damage if a bad actor was able to take control of them. It is also used in what the company’s own promotional literature describes as “life critical” medical devices: defibrillators, artificial hearts, x-ray machines, anesthesia equipment and ventilators to name just a few applications. And it is used in the driver assistance and digital instrument systems of about 200 million vehicles from a wide variety of manufacturers. CISA apparently struggled to get BlackBerry to even accept that the vulnerability impacted these products. Once it did, BlackBerry pushed back on going public and instead adopted a strategy of reaching out to its customers privately. However, the company could only identify a small portion of its direct customers as it sells licenses without doing much tracking of who exactly is purchasing them. This process dragged out for months, with CISA eventually convincing the company by preparing a PowerPoint presentation illustrating the potential dangers to both customers and to national security. A patch has been available for some time, but many customers were not aware of the security vulnerability or the need to update to the latest QNX version to fix it. There is potential for business operation disruption as some applications will need to take equipment offline for a time while it is updated. The FDA has also issued its own warning to the health care industry about the potential for exploitation of medical devices. Software supply chain issues next exacerbated by vulnerability disclosure delays The incident highlights some of the biggest ongoing challenges in cybersecurity. One is the issue of serious vulnerabilities in the supply chain, which can create openings into even the most well-defended organizations. Some large firms are managing thousands of contractors and subcontractors that can potentially cause issues, with little direct control over the security measures they implement (and often with smaller contractors unable to afford to keep pace with the threat landscape). Under the leadership of the Commerce Department, members of the telecommunications and IT industry have been working on a voluntary “software bill of materials” standard that would at least partially address this issue. If adopted, organizations would be able to more quickly look up individual pieces of equipment that might be affected by a recent breach.

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The excavator tipped while digging and it trapped Mr Lewis’ leg, resulting in an amputation. The HSE’s investigation found that Mr Lewis had no formal training for operating excavators and had requested that a 3-ton model was provided for the work. However, only a smaller 1.7-ton excavator was provided, and Mr Lewis was put under pressure to use this. The incident was not reported to the HSE within ten days as required and the defendant, Paul Adams, had not investigated the incident. The HSE was only able to start an investigation more than eight months later when the victim complained. By this time crucial evidence relating to the cause of the incident was unobtainable and the work was almost completed. There was no health and safety related documentation and there was no employer’s insurance cover for Mr Lewis to claim against. Mr Adams had not obtained any health and safety related training during his 50 years in the construction industry. Paul Adams, trading as Surrey Conversions of Sutton Common Road, Sutton pleaded guilty to a breach of Regulation 3(1) of the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 . He received a 24-week custodial sentence and was ordered to pay costs of £2,033. Speaking after the hearing, HSE Inspector Andrew Verrall-Withers said: “This case re-enforces how important it is that incidents are reported so they can be investigated, and improvements made to prevent serious incidents in future. “The judge noted Mr Adams had not reported the incident even when prompted to by a solicitor, and that despite his construction experience he had failed to take any interest in understanding his legal duties nor invest in health and safety. “Mr Adams claimed in court that he had stopped working for months due to the impact of the incident. However, the evidence showed he had continued with the work. “The judge commented on how distressing it must have been for Mr Lewis on top of his life changing injury, to know the incident was not being investigated.” He added: “We went to great efforts to ensure Mr Adams made improvements. However, in court it was confirmed that although he had told the probation officer he had stopped work, he was still carrying out construction work at an unidentified site despite failing a health and safety test.” Exclusive interviews, the very latest news and reports from the health and safety frontline and in-depth examinations of the biggest issues facing the profession today.
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