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Trucks will be restricted on certain roads in Charleston Co. Published: Aug. 24, 2021 at 6:42 AM EDT|Updated: 22 hours ago CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston County Council discussed and passed an ordinance restricting large trucks from driving on certain roads in the county. The ordinance specifically applies to Berryhill Road and Walter Drive, both of which are near Main Road and Maybank Highway on Johns Island. The residents in the Cedar Creek area say that 18-wheeler trucks frequently get stuck after making a wrong turn in their neighborhood. They say in some instances the road is blocked for hours. Vocal residents are concerned about the safety of their kids and pets playing in the area because they say many of the roads are narrow and without sidewalks. Nearby construction sites have brought in a significant increase in 18-wheeler traffic, but the new ordinance would attempt to curb the congestion. The “No Thru Truck” ordinance restricts all vehicles with more than six wheels from driving through both Berryhill Road and Walter Drive. Charleston County Vice Chairwoman Anna Johnson represents the district and brought the ordinance before full council on Tuesday. The ordinance is the first truck-restricting ordinance to be implemented in Charleston County. While it would be the first truck-restricting ordinance, it probably wouldn’t be the last. Other council members expressed similar concerns regarding trucks and several other neighborhoods in the county at last week’s committee meeting. The amount of concern showed the ordinance may soon become one of many restricting trucks in certain areas of the county. Truck restricting signs will be installed along the roads. Council members are also discussing changes to GPS systems to reflect these restrictions. The restrictions would not restrict trucks with 6 wheels or less, including FedEx and UPS trucks. Copyright 2021 WCSC.


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“We knew the victims were buried somewhere, but until our research no one knew where,” says archaeologist Dawid Kobiałka of the Polish Academy of Sciences’s Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, whose team used everything from archival documents and interviews with survivors to laser scans and excavations. Colleagues say the research, reported this week in the journal , is the first to systematically apply archaeological techniques to a World War II–era mass grave outside of concentration camps, where research on human remains is often prohibited by Jewish religious belief. Although there were many similar massacres, “There hasn’t been research so far on a World War II site like this,” says University of Vienna archaeologist Claudia Theune. “It adds another category of crime scene.” Legal inquiries trigger most war crime investigations, adds archaeologist Alfredo González-Ruibal of the Institute of Heritage Studies of the Spanish National Research Council. This one was initiated by researchers and is one of the few to be published in a scientific journal, he says. Kobiałka grew up Chojnice, where he heard locals refer to the swampy forest just a few hundred meters from his childhood home as “Death Valley.” The area was a palimpsest of horror: In 1939, advancing German forces rounded up and executed Polish priests and intellectuals, Jewish families, and disabled people, then buried them there in a long line of trenches the retreating Polish army had dug for defense. More than 100 victims of those killings were found after the war and reburied. But hundreds more remained unaccounted for, along with about 500 people killed in January 1945. Kobiałka thought the methods of archaeology might help reveal what happened and where. “I was fully convinced mass killings like that must leave behind a lot of material culture.” Initials and a date on a wedding ring helped archaeologists identify a victim of a World War II–era killing. His team first dove into archives to find reports of the forced march. They interviewed survivors, including several whose parents were killed in 1939. They also matched aerial photos taken by the Allies in the closing days of the war with laser scans of the modern forest floor taken from an airplane, and spotted a trench line beneath thick vegetation. Then they used ground-penetrating radar and other noninvasive techniques to pinpoint soil disturbances that might indicate burial pits along the trench. All this led them to focus on a wooded area on the edge of town. There, in July 2020, they used metal detectors to uncover a dense collection of bullet shells, buttons, cuff links, a wristwatch stopped a few minutes after 5 o’clock—and Szydłowska’s wedding ring, which a historian identified based on the wedding date and initials engraved inside. The topsoil held try what she says pieces of burned human bone. “We used every possible archaeological method,” Kobiałka says. The evidence convinced him they had found the site of the 1945 massacre. Yet the valley’s overlapping atrocities, and the lengths the Nazis went to conceal them, made it hard to be sure. The site is “very complex,” González-Ruibal says.

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